Yo-Kai Watch 2: European demo trailer

Nathan Adams and his Yo-kai friends are back !

Almost three years after its release in Japan, Level-5’s Yo-Kai Watch 2 is finally coming to Europe. This sequel of the overwhelmingly successful RPG will bring us back to Springdale, with Nathan Adams and all his Yo-kai friends. But this time, there’s another trouble in town: “A pair of sinister Yo-kai have arrived in Springdale, and they’re up to no good. Can Nate and his friends stop them?”.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 will feature nearly 450 yōkai to befriend, including several that we’ve seen in the previous game as bosses. But the most exciting part is that you’ll have to travel back in time and learn the origin of the Yo-kai Watch!

Today, Nintendo UK is releasing a video to announce the availability of a free demo on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. We haven’t tried it yet and Nintendo didn’t give any details, but this demo could be the same one as the US got in September 2016. It features the main area of Springdale to explore, set at the point in the game at which Meganyan is battled. It also includes two secret battles against Arachnus and Toadal Dude, as well as a demo of Yo-kai Watch Blasters.


Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits & Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls will be available for Nintendo 3DS on 7 April in Europe.

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