First Nintendo Switch Dock patent didn’t have front panel

No scratches on this one, but was it really better ?

Several Nintendo Switch users report having big issues with the console’s dock: putting the system back in it scratched their screen. We know, that’s not likely to happen if you’re careful, but the problem is here. And you know what? At first, this front panel wasn’t even supposed to be there.

The info comes from Twitter user @Protodude, who found out that Nintendo registered a patent for a Switch Dock that didn’t have a front panel. Sure, that would have solved the problem of the scratches. But if Nintendo went for the actual solution, it’s not that they secretly have an evil plan to scratch all our consoles. Thinking about it, a dock without a front panel also induces issues, like exposure to thrown objects.

Nintendo hasn’t given any comment about this problem. It’s not even sure that they are working on a solution for that. So for now, if you’re worried, just go check our DIY tutorial on “How To Prevent The Switch Dock From Scratching Your Screen“.

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