Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to master cooking and elixir recipes?

With these, you'll become a master chef in Hyrule.

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is essential if you want to survive. You’ll learn in the first minutes of the game how to use a cooking pot and what benefits you can get from cooking what you find out there. And if you can easily work your way around simple recipes, it gets quite some time to try an try again until you get all the knowledge.

Let us help you. With these simple basics, you’ll understand how cooking works in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then, we’ll give you the recipes that we’ve found to be the most effective ones. Of course, the list is not fixed, there are tons of possibilities. This is why understanding how to build a meal is important.

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How to “build” a meal

It’s essential to understand that in Breath of the Wild, cooking is based on the idea of assembling things (yeah we know, duh, but not quite). First, you have a Food Base (fruit, meat, fish). Creating simple dishes with those will only grant you heart restoration. To give more interesting effects to your dishes, “food buffs” as we call them, you will need to add Herbs & Spices.


Food Buffs

When you add Herbs & Spices to your dish, its name will get a prefix. That’s not just some fancy stuff, it gives an indication on the kind of buff you’ll get when eating them. Remember that you can’t mix two types of buffs in a single dish or you might end up with dubious food. Also, the more quantity you add of a same buff-type Herb or Spice in your dish, the longer the effect will last.

  • “Chilly”: Heat resistance (not for lava)
  • “Energizing”: Stamina Restoration
  • “Enduring”: Stamina meter extension
  • “Electro”: Shock resistant
  • “Fireproof”: Protects against fire attacks or hot areas
  • “Hasty”: Movement speed boost
  • “Hearty”: Extra one-use vitality hearts
  • “Mighty”: Attack buff
  • “Sneaky”: Stealth buff
  • “Spicy”: Cold resistance
  • “Tough”: Defense buff


List of Herbs & Spices

Here are listed some of the Herbs & Spices we’ve identified that can be added in your dishes. A lot more exist. Just read the ingredients descriptions to know their category. Again, the more you add in a dish, the longer the effect will last. But don’t mix buff types!

  • Max hearts boost: Hearty Radish, Hearty Truffle, Hearty Durian
  • Attack power boost: Razorclaw Crab, Razorshroom, Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle
  • Defense boost: Ironshroom, Armoranth
  • Cold resistance boost: Cool Safflina, Chillshroom
  • Heat resistance boost: Sunshroom, Warm Safflina
  • Stealth boost: Blue Nightshade, Silent Princess, Silent Shroom
  • Electric resistance boost: Voltfruit, Electric Safflina
  • Stamina increase: Endura Shroom, Endura Carrot
  • Stamina restoration: Stamella Shroom
  • Speed boost: Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Rushroom, Swift Violent


Health Recipes

  • Steamed Fish (+5 Hearts): Apple + Hyrule Herb + Hyrule Bass
  • Fish and Mushroom Skewer (+7 Hearts): Fleet-Lotus Seeds + Zapshroom + Staminoka Bass
  • Seafood Rice Balls (+9 Hearts): Ironshroom + Swift Carrot + Hylian Rice + Staminoka Bass
  • Glazed Meat (+10 Hearts): Hearty Truffle + Raw Meat + Courser Bee Honey


Stamina Recipes

  • Energizing Fish and Mushroom Skewer (+3 Hearts & Stamina): Stamella Shroom, Hyrule Bass
  • Energizing Glazed Mea (+6 Hearts & Stamina): Raw Meat, Courser Bee Honey
  • Energizing Steamed Meat (+5 Hearts & Stamina): Raw Meat, Hyrule Herb, Stamella Shroom
  • Energizing Honeyed Apple (+5 Hearts & Stamina): Apple, Courser Bee Honey
  • Energizing Meaty Rice Balls (+8 Hearts & Stamina): Raw Meat, Hylian Rice, Courser Bee Honey


Temp. Increase Max Hearts Recipes

  • Hearty Fried Wild Green (Full Health & Temp. +4 Hearts): Hearty Radish
  • Hearty Mushroom Skewer (Full Health & Temp. +1 Heart): Hearty Truffle
  • Hearty Omelette (Full Health & Temp. +1 Heart): Hearty Truffle + Bird Egg
  • Hearty Simmered Fruit (Full Health & Temp. +4 Hearts): Hearty Durian
  • Hearty Simmered Mushrooms (Full Health & Temp. +4 Hearts): Hearty Radish + Hearty Truffle


Elixir Recipes

  • Hasty Elixir (Increases Movement Speed)
    • Hightail Lizard + Monster Parts
    • Hot-Footed Frog + Bokoblin Guts
    • Hightail Lizard + Bokoblin Horn
  • Sneaky Elixir (Increases Stealth)
    • Sneaky River Snail + Sunset Firefly + Octorok Eyeball
    • Keese Eyeball + Sunset Firely
  • Spicy Elixir (Cold Resistance)
    • Sizzlewing Butterfly + Bokoblin Fang
  • Mighty Elixir (Attack Boost)
    • Bladed Rhino Beetle + Moblin Horn
  • Energizing Elixir (Restores Stamina)
    • Bokoblin Horn + Restless Cricket
  • Chilly Elixir (Heat Resistance)
    • Cold Darner + Red Lizalfos Tail
  • Electro Elixir (Electric Resistance)
    • Thunderwing Butterfly + Electric Darner + Yellow Lizalfos Tail
    • Thunderwing Butterfly + Yellow Lizalfos Tail

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