Yacht Club Games: Nintendo Switch is an easy system to develop for!

The team behind Shovel Knight feel pretty comfortable on the Switch

A lot of indie developers affirm that the Nintendo Switch kit is an easy piece to master. Way easier than the Wii U and for some, even easier than the other actual consoles. Shovel Knight‘s developers Yacht Club Games experienced that while developing Treasure Trove. Apparently, they had it running “within a week” since developing for it is very close to the PlayStation 4.

The most difficult part for the Yacht Club Games had when adapting Shovel KnightTreasure Trove and Specter of Torment for the Switch, was to guess how players are going to use this new system. But now that the Switch is out and things are running, expect indie developers to get better on it and develop games even more adapted to the ways to play this hybrid system.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment are now available on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo first came to us. They said, ‘We have something coming. No we can’t tell you what it is, but if you have something around this time then that would be great.’ They do a pretty good job of keeping us in the loop in case our projects line up.

I would say the Switch is light years ahead of the Wii U. It’s an incredibly easy system to develop for, even compared to other consoles. The biggest unknown for us is, I mean this is a launch title, so you don’t really have an idea of how people are going to be playing it, how they’re going to be using the system, what the conventions of use are going to be. So you try to do guess work and figure out what those are going to be, even when Nintendo doesn’t even know how people will interact with the system. That’s the real tricky part about developing for it.

– David D’Angelo, Yacht Club Games Co-founder and Lead Programmer


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