How to prevent the Switch Dock from scratching your screen ?

Here's a clever DIY trick to avoid scratches on your precious Switch

So far, Nintendo Switch users have reported having issues related to Joy-Cons connectivity, with wrist strap stuck in Joy-Cons, and even with Black/Orange Screen of Death. But when a system has such a big screen, we should expect screen-related issues. Of course, there is. If you’ve docked/undocked the console, you probably wonder if those sharp edges and the little bumps inside could scratch the 6.2-inch screen (or even the back of it). Sorry to say that but yeah.

This is why a Nintendo Life reader thought of a DIY fix to protect the inside of your Switch Dock. His idea is quite simple: use some IKEA stick-on floor protector to create a soft layer on the inside part of the dock. When you dock the Switch, it will gently rest on them. Simple, maybe a little unaesthetic but hey, you get the idea.

Now go and try to do your version of it. What’s important at the end of the day is to have a Switch fully protected when you put it in TV mode.


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