Pokémon Sun & Moon: all the QR Codes

Need to complete your Pokémon collection but don't want to bother chasing them? You're going to love these QR Codes.

This is the ultimate weapon for Pokémon Sun & Moon trainers that want to catch’em all: the QR Code scanner. Don’t expect to have this feature directly at the beginning of the game, it will unlock only once you’ve proved you’re a worthy trainer. But once that’s done, the gates will open wide to complete your Pokédex.

With the help of the Nintendo 3DS camera, you will have access to the full list of Pokémon, even ones that can’t be encountered in the Alola region! How? Well, every Pokémon has a unique “tag”, a physical QR Code. And thanks to Reddit, we now have those QR Codes. We’ve gathered them all in this gallery, regular and shiny forms included. Oh yeah. Once they’re scanned, you will have access to the locations of local Pokémon if you want to catch more of them. Ok let’s not waste any more time, here’s the stuff:

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Want more? Ok here it is. Every time you will scan 10 of these QR Codes, the game will grant you one “Island Scan”. Doing this scan, you’ll have an overview of the whole island you’re on and it will spawn/find a rare Pokémon for you. But not any rare Pokémon, one that isn’t usually found on Alola. In other words, you’ll be the only trainer in Alola to have one of them in your team. But there are limits to thins Island Scan functionality: you can only scan 10 QR Codes a day. So there’s only one Island Scan per day. Don’t waste it.

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