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Yu-ki-oh!  Preview Master Duel - Nintendo Switch - Tower

Yu-ki-oh! Preview Master Duel – Nintendo Switch – Tower

With Yu-Ki-O! Master Duel is waiting for us this year, which may be the complete video game experience of the popular trading card game. Konami wants to introduce newcomers and professionals to the game or engage them. Because Yu-Ki-Oh! Master Duel was created for official sports activities and will be used at world championships, for example. As the name implies, the current primary rules are used here. But thanks to the very beginner training, even beginners will get the value of their money. Konami invited us to an online press event to provide more details on their upcoming game. Want to see the PC version of the game. We promise you – the heart of the card is in every fiber of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Feel.

Stay away from animation – cards are the main characters of the game

Konami is breaking new ground with the title of Free-to-Play. Game exclusively TCG – Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel does not mention the animation and the characters in it, such as Yuki Muto, Seto Kaiba or Jaden Yuki. Gonami puts the cards in the foreground and focuses on the various configuration sites and their monsters in story mode. So, the game offers background stories for individual cards – a fantastic idea to be able to dive further into the cart of playing cards. Once you’ve finished a deck’s story, you’ve opened the final story line that gives you additional background information on the cards. These are provided with brilliant sounds and beautiful graphics. Whether you are playing a powerful card like Dark Magician or Armageddon Knight – summons are brought to the field with a great soundtrack and effects that fill the screen. Even if the last one attack brings your opponent’s life points to zero, the so-called final blow will surprise you. The series reactions between the magic and trap cards are also graphically illustrated. It’s so much fun to watch a fight.

The fight scenes are better visualized. The chain reaction between the trap cards is shown here.

© Studio Dice / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Konami Digital Entertainment

The map library is also interesting. There are 10,000 cards in the game. Two decades of Yu-Ki-O! History is mentioned here, Yu-Ki-O! Master Duel for the final game of the series. This is the first Yu-Gi-Oh to support 4K resolution! Game – of course only on the respective consoles. Single player mode should give new players a proper introduction to the trading card game. You can run an exercise for each card type. Want to know how to play special type summons like XYZ, Pendulum or Link Sumons? No problem! The game takes you by the hand and explains the rules to the smallest detail. In practice mode, you learn how to properly play certain deck types. The best thing about it: you get rewards for playing through the exercises. This includes new cards, play mats and other parts called card sleeves or accessories – monsters that stand on the edge of the field and react to your actions during combat. So you see: In addition to duels, you can customize some things about matches to your liking.

But U-G-O without the opportunity to play online against a friend or other toolists! What will the game be like? Exactly, not a good game. Fortunately, Konami offers a solution and also introduces multiplayer mode in the presentation. You can invite a friend to a previously created room or enter a room created by another toolist. Konami promises that starting an online game has never been easier. You can also use the rewards and accessories received in single player mode and the decks you create yourself in multiplayer. It gives personal touch to the duels.

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