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YouTube timestamp tests for ideas: Get started with the iOS app

Video site Web light Chapter tests a new functionality related to videos with functionality and timeline. First iOS users Now you can make “time sensitive” comments on the beta test – for example, to ask questions about certain sections of the video.

In the beta version of the iOS YouTube app, the new feature is called “Timestamp Comment”. You can use this to enter your comment in a specific video category, usually you can not just put your message under the video. Other users can view these time-sensitive comments dynamically under the video. In doing so, YouTube is expanding its long-standing timestamp options.

Users who see the new functionality in Metaphase will first be asked if they want to see new dynamic ideas or use the classic scenario. As is often the case, testing is limited to a limited number of users. Gradually released to other users only.

Beta initially for iOS users only

This functionality is currently only being tested on the iPhone. The release has been going on for a few days, and anyone using the iOS app can test it out soon. Google has not released much background information about it yet, but Android users may soon try new ideas as well. That being said, timestamp comments should be tested first and improved with user feedback. Then launching a web browser, for example on a PC or even a tablet is considered.

Platform fixes and improvements

The new timestamp feature is one of the improvements that YouTube plans to implement later this year. In addition, the service recently modified an undesirable functionality and eliminated the possibility of mass ratings.

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