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You can now download Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev or Beta for Apple M1

You can now download Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev or Beta for Apple M1

Microsoft’s support for other operating systems is exemplary, as we speak Microsoft Edge already has none. Note that the new Redmond browser is also available under Linux. Now they are able to provide support for new devices with the processor at the time of registration. Apple M1 based on ARM.

Microsoft Edge is now available for the Apple M1 on its Canary, Dave and Beta channels

Most likely, support for Microsoft Edge began in Apple’s ARM framework Canal Canary. This is a very unstable channel and it has daily updates. Then came Development channel, Which has weekly updates and is very consistent.

Now it’s a turn Beta channel It has monthly updates. It is the forerunner of the standard version of the new ARM equipment from Cupertino. We will definitely get news in the coming weeks.

At Microsoft, they know it Safari still fails to convince many Mac users. And competitor is not safari, but Chrome. This is why the company wants to capture Mountain View and provide its browser with M1 processors on MacOS.

Microsoft Edge Team Can’t lose users Do not keep your browser on the new Mac with the M1 processor. Chrome was very fast and provided native support in November. Today, Microsoft is fighting against the clock to deliver its browser on Apple’s new platforms.

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We hope this is a delay Almost three months Do not assume that the Edge will lose user quota on systems with the M1 processor. After all the work they do, it is satisfying to see how they reduce the distance with Google in terms of browser sharing. If so, Chrome’s dominance will not fall.