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Will the "big news" of backward compatibility come?  -

Xbox Series X | S and One may soon support Android processors –

Xbox Series X | S. The Xbox One may also be supported in the future Application Android, According to reports from the XDA Subsidiary Android Privisto for Windows 11 It also works on the Xbox operating system.

This may allow the arrival of Android processors on the XboxSimulation The completeness of the entire operating system is, in fact, the functionality of the subsystem provided for Windows 11, which acts as an Android prototype on a computer.

This question represents the best message for the operating system on the system, but it is the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One will open up more interesting opportunities. Install apps and games Android consoles directly through this system.

There is no confirmation of this issue at the moment, so this is just a rumor, otherwise there is no error in the information regarding the Windows subsystem for Android, but it is not certain that this thing may have real improvements.

The Windows subsystem for Android appears to be compatible with Xbox

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X | We have already noticed a certain openness of the S, towards alternative settings, the possibility of running prototypes in general – but usually with the trick of developer mode – with better results for newer Microsoft consoles such as the PS1.

Currently, support for Android is one of the new features for Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system is coming October 5, 2021However, that support was shifted to 2022.