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Xbox March Update: Headphones, Auto HDR, FPS Boost, Achievements and more!  |  Xbox One

Xbox March Update: Headphones, Auto HDR, FPS Boost, Achievements and more! | Xbox One

Just like every month, a new big update has arrived on the Xbox and the details and innovations for the month of March have now been released. As usual, stay tuned with Expoxygen for the upcoming release date and upcoming dates of this update.

Xbox March Update – List of new ones

Sounds like this March release New Xbox Headset On March 16th and as planned, customize the experience with this new headset Xbox One, Xbox Series X | The Xbox Tools application on the S and Windows 10 PC will be updated.

The application has access to the balance systems of the headphones, bass boost, sensitivity of the automatic deactivation function and the management of the microphone and its LEDs.

Excellent management of Auto HDR and FPS Boost

Until now, it was not possible to choose whether to enable automatic HDR or FPS boost when a game is compatible, as these new features will be used by default for related games. With the Xbox March update, gamers will now have their hands on these items.

You must go to the relevant game management settings to choose whether to enable or disable itAuto HDR And FPS Boost. You need to restart the game for the desired effect to be active. If you press the wizard button on the controller, below the time display on the Xbox interface, you will see if Auto HDR and FPS Boost are enabled in a game.

Success will return to the Xbox app

As we mention In February, Xbox Achievements are back in the Xbox app. The date has not yet been set, but Xbox teams promise to test this feature for players of a certain choice before everyone has access.

This first update includes a list of achievements in use, a screen describing the achievements and notifications when you open the record. We are already planning additional updates in the coming months to add some popular features such as the leaderboard system.

Managing subscriptions from the Xbox interface

To date, the management of various subscriptions associated with Microsoft accounts has been done on the Microsoft Site Player profile. With the Xbox March update, all you have to do is go to the Xbox settings and then access the subscriptions and related information, deciding on “payment” and subscription dates, as well as payment options. Fee.

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Additional options to manage games

The “Manage” option in “My Games and Apps” allows you to access options faster than ever before. Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Xbox also tells us that if you buy a game from the store with the S version, the admin screen will show you what is best to download to your console. Instead of selecting “Install All” you can click on Select Download Content.