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Why the cold drains your mobile phone battery (and how to avoid it)

The Cold And temperature changes are not best friends Skills. Winter frosts and high temperatures in summer a Disastrous effect on performance Device, endangering its operation Reduced battery life, Software crashes and common recessions. How many times in the sun have you forgotten your phone and an annoyingly hot message appeared calling you to set your phone aside for a few minutes? Or when you tried to use it while skiing and the compression threatened to break the elements under display?

The smartphone can hold up to any temperature

Manufacturers recommend using smartphones in a specific temperature range Yes 0 and 35 builds To avoid any kind of problem; This limit drops to -15 degrees, and the maximum tolerance limit is up to 40 degrees if it is disabled. If it is too cold or too hot, smartphones will not be able to withstand the temperature; And, between the two options, the Winter frost is definitely the most unpleasant situation. First, there may be a problem with that schermo touch screen: Not just for thatGhost effect It can be printed on the monitor at low temperatures, but not on the basis of panel breakage or formation Compression under the scene Technical intervention with assistance will be required.

Because the battery is already depleted

மா This is a battery that will be severely tested by the cold above all else. Under normal conditions, if electricity can provide you with the right amount of energy, it can give you maximum autonomy for 1-2 days; When the temperature drops below zero The battery should use more charge to provide the same amount of power. So, in essence, it is used earlier than usual and is discharged in less time: if the temperature difference is so small you will not notice it, but if you go skiing for a week and keep the phone running continuously. If the temperature is below -10 degrees, you will start noticing the difference right away. Then again, it’s the same if it’s an old smartphone – if the battery in it is already badly depleted – or if it’s a new phone and has its maximum capacity power. However, it can happen In a very short period of time the amount of charge is greatly reduced, Or the phone will suddenly switch off even if it is not fully discharged.

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What to do to avoid discomfort

Quick fix Dam If you know you are close to the limit values ​​to protect all components and make sure you have a little charge when needed; Otherwise, if you are in the sport of skiing, the most convenient alternative Put it in a suit pocket – therefore not anorak – it is placed close to the body, so as to die less. Then you can always Buy a power bank or thermal case Make sure you do not miss a second of autonomy.