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When a virus prevents you from downloading pirate series and movies

An interest Virus Acts as descriptive Computer vaccine. Its function is to block downloads Sites pirates.

Our body often needs a vaccine to fight certain diseases better. Two types of vaccines are used to strengthen our immune system. One of our favorites, the vaccine. This substance contains a virus, the infection of which is significantly reduced. The vaccinated person benefits from effective and lasting protection. A systemic vaccine can work the same way. It contains a computer virus that prevents illegal downloads from illegal sites. These can provide content that hides malware.

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Sophos researchers – a company specializing in IT security – Discovered Strange new malware. It has already affected a number of devices. Its action is similar to that described as a computer vaccine.

Virus that only wants “good”

Experts are confused about the spread of this interesting malware. Traditionally, a virus pursued a malicious purpose: to hack accounts, retrieve information, or take control of a device or network. The company, discovered by the Sophos team, has no other task than to complicate the daily lives of hackers. In fact, its action is to block access to all illegal download sites such as The Pirate Bay.

Malware spreads on illegal download sites. It is embedded in files downloaded by Internet users. Among other things, such as pirated versions of games Within us Or Minecraft, As well as illegal copies of Microsoft Office explaining Sophos in its memo.

And according to researchers, the virus involved is also very prevalent on the Discord platform.

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Once installed, the program blocks access to a large list of pirate sites. Determining its presence on a device is difficult because it leaves very few indications that allow it to be identified. An error message may appear while running the software. The dialog box prompts the user to reinstall the failed software. The malware does not appear to cause further damage, and the IT professionals behind its discovery are surprised.

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Unknown origin

« It is often easy to guess what is driving malware creators, but not with this virus », Sophos emphasizes team member. The origin of this curious malware is unknown – as is the purpose of the hackers behind its concept.

Some Internet users see this as a major anti-government ploy. Governments are actively fighting for illegal downloads. It could be the work of a “white hat” hacker for an awareness campaign or it could be a bad joke.