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Tired of too long voice messages?  A solution may come soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp comes with many device: How to try it in the preview

Vincenzo Ronca

We have known it for a long time Share Works on introducing an important innovation for the use of the news service On many devices It is mostly a smartphone, without the need for synchronization with the main device.

Seems windy in this sense Changed, Because WhatsApp really is Next To introduce Multiple device functionality in beta For users Android e iOS. This is a preview beta, its main purpose Test. Once available, it is possible to use the WhatsApp web without the smartphone being connected to the Internet.

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The novelty will be offered to Android and iOS users Joined For the respective beta programs of the applications. So, if you want to be the first among those who have tried it, we recommend you Registration For applications in beta. TO This address You can sign up for a beta test program for Android.

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