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The Groovy Gorilla logo on an Ubuntu background

Ubuntu 20.10 ‘Groove Gorilla’ is now available for download

Appointment Has announced Ubuntu 20.10 ‘Groove Gorilla’ is available immediately. Although this version is considered stable and suitable for running as a daily driver, it is not a long-term support (LDS) release, so it will only receive security updates for nine months.

The new version comes with various new software including Linux kernel 5.8 and GNOME 3.38. Developer tools such as programming languages ​​and compilers have also received updates – this release includes Clip 2.32, OpenJDK11, Rustk 1.41, GCC10, LLVM11, Python 3.8.6, Ruby 2.7.0, PHP 7.4.9, Perl 5.30, and Kolang 1.13 .

Another notable feature of this update is that Canonical is targeting a new desktop image of the Raspberry Pi 4 devices with at least 4GB of RAM. The Grove Gorilla also supports the Raspberry Pi’s new compute module 4, but you must have 4GB of RAM and 16GB of EMC or equivalent SD card storage.

Those who want to download and try the new version can download it Ubuntu Download Page. If you run Ubuntu 20.04 LDS, you need to unlock it if you want to upgrade Software and updates, Head Updates Tab, and change Let me know the latest version of Ubuntu Get down For any new version. From there, open the Update Manager and you will be given an update.

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