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Tutorial: As Dusk Falls Now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One |  Xbox One

Tutorial: As Dusk Falls Now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One | Xbox One

Planning to buy Dusk Falls or play it with Xbox Game Pass? Want to get your internet connection up and running as soon as possible? Know that this is possible as the game is now available for download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

Dusk Falls showcases its innovative multiplayer features

How to download As Dusk Falls now?

With the new Xbox Mobile app, you can download any game from the Microsoft Store to your console. So if you decide to buy a game coming out in the next few days, you won’t have to wait for the title to download or install. Those who buy the game in physical version can download the game and its updates ahead of time.

So you can download As Dusk Falls before its release on 19th July. Game Smart Delivery is compatible, so there’s only one purchase even if you plan to play the title on two different console generations.

>> Game weight on Xbox Series X: 51.02 GB

  • Download the Xbox app

You’ll need the new Xbox app on your phone to pre-download any game. You can download the Xbox app android Where iOS. Once downloaded, sign in to your Xbox account.

  • Configure the Xbox console in the app

To download the game from your phone directly to your console, you need to configure your console. To do this, click on the icon at the top right next to the notification clock and follow the different steps.

  • Find the game on the Microsoft Store
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Once your console is activated in the app, click on the search magnifying glass in games and under the input bar. Type “As Dusk Falls” to find it.

  • Download the game from the app

Click “Download to Console”. The download will start if your console is on immediate startup or the next time it is turned on.