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?? Time box ?? Free to download for five days (23/11/2020)


Karen Cross is proud to present the Kindle version His sensational debut novel. Set in Toronto, ??Time box?? The tension, the dazzling twists and the acting of the deeply flawed characters, their restless secrets and past experiences are all very real.

Eighteen years old Lime Seriously fled His home in Ontario After almost losing his life She is a grown man?? And then when Ian Died, Lime The main suspect. Now he is working not only on the personal trauma he is struggling with, but also on the task of revealing his dark past to detective Astra Perez, to divert the investigation he is currently focusing on, exploring the themes of justice, trauma and self-identification.

?? Time box ?? Will be Free and available for download on Amazon for five days (November 23, 2020, November 27, 2020) Here:

?? Time box ?? Rated 5 by book buyers. Some of the book review reviews include the following:

Karen Cross does a great job of getting the mood of the most paradoxical and damaged person in her debut novel. The combination of upcoming mystery / suspense / age will turn the pages into a nightmare. ?? ?? Wants to read

???? Time box ?? My most favorite novel of 2019. I could not put this down! ?? ?? Lisa J.

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About the author:
Karen Cross was born in Canada and lives with her family in Toronto. After a long career as a teacher, principal and supervisor, he turned his attention to writing. Although he does not write, he works in the global EDEC industry and runs his high French Bulldog Ruby along the trails of Lake Ontario.

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 Time box
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 Karen Cross
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