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This is the night of the pink Superluna, here's how and when to see it in Italy

This is the night of the pink Superluna, here’s how and when to see it in Italy

The full moon, closer to the earth, appears larger, Explain the experts of the Italian Amateur Astronomers Association (Uai), with a difference of about 7%. It will be a “pink” moon, the field named ‘Phlox subulata’, which blooms in early spring and is native to eastern North America: one that occurs in May, Today is the second big moon of 2021.

“I recommend monitoring our satellite at dusk because the view of the moon rising at sunset is very suggestive,” he said. In the opposite direction to our star “, Astronomer Gianluca Masi explains to Ansa, President of the Virtual Telescope Project. “Because the rest of the twilight light allows you to experience the view of the surrounding landscape, our satellite rises behind natural scenery or famous monuments. However, at midnight, the glow of the full moon disappears,” explains Masi.

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