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The virus that manipulates your banking data is hidden in nine applications from the Play Store

The virus that manipulates your banking data is hidden in nine applications from the Play Store

Some sites will not be accessible on Android smartphones anytime soon – Kigo

Owners of Android smartphones are once again the target of two dangerous malware; Alienboat Banker and MRIT Checkpoint Internet Security Researchers 9 have actually discovered the presence of these two dangerous viruses within Android applications.

The first malware, Alienboat Banker, targets the bank information on the victims’ smartphones and tries to find its way to their bank accounts. Second, MRAT takes the form of a Trojan horse, which allows hackers to remotely access and take control of dirty smartphones used on devices.

Czech point researchers explain In their statement The 9 affected applications were able to pass under Google’s radar and security measures
Game Store Thanks to another malware that cannot detect the presence of two viruses. Thanks to this, the apps were able to stay in the Play Store for a long time and could be downloaded by many users, thus causing multiple victims.

Some of these apps are in the Play Store

Apparently, Google Knew the problem and most
Applications Removed from utility store. However, some are still listed on the Play Store. Here is a list of affected applications:

  • Cake VPN – com.lazycoder.cakevpns
  • Pacific VPN – com.protectvpn.freeapp
  • eVPN – com.abcd.evpnfree
  • Beat Player – com.crrl.beatplayers
  • QR / barcode scanner MAX – com.bezrukd.qrcodebarcode
  • eVPN – Nom du package: com.abcd.evpnfree
  • Music Player – com.revosleap.samplemusicplayers
  • tooltipnatorlibrary – com.mistergrizzlys.docscanpro
  • QRecorder – com.record.callvoicerecorder

If you have one or more of these applications installed, it is a good idea to uninstall them. To make sure that no malware is hidden on your smartphone, remember to run antivirus scan. However, it is very difficult to know the number of people infected with these two viruses because the Checkpoint report does not specify the target countries.

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