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The Ultimate Edition 'requires a one-time download

The Ultimate Edition ‘requires a one-time download

Physical release Control: Ultimate Edition Xbox computers require a one-time internet connection, 505 games confirmed.

As discovered Eurocomer, A FAQ page The publisher’s site asks why you need an internet connection to play the Xbox version of the game. In response, 505 games were described as the cause of “all the latest enhancements.” [are] Over 50gb “, as the company explains” could not fit everything on the Xbox disk “.

As a result, one part of the game will require a one-time download to complete the package. PlayStation users will find that the disk has the full experience “due to compression and other variables” and does not require additional downloads.

The company will use Xbox’s intelligent delivery system to combat the problem. As previously described in the publication Xbox Wire The wise distribution of the post “empowers developers to install only the parts of the game you need, thereby reducing the amount of content that must be installed or downloaded to the SSD.”

Control: Ultimate Edition It also caught fire earlier due to locking its next gen upgrades behind the new version. While other developers have embraced the idea of ​​a free upgrade for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, the 505 games option is unlikely.

Despite the company’s rationality, Control: Ultimate Edition Temporarily appeared as a free upgrade on the PlayStation Store. The option was quickly removed and users could not request a free upgrade.

Control: Ultimate Edition Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The next gen version is also planned for 2021.

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