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The new Xbox Apps update for PC also includes a performance indicator for games

The new Xbox Apps update for PC also includes a performance indicator for games

Before you buy and download a game, you can find out if it works properly with your computer’s configuration.

Microsoft has announced that it is deploying an update for the Xbox application for Windows. This update has a particularly interesting function for players who do not have a powerful enough engine. They can find out if a game works properly with their configuration. To this end, Microsoft is engaged in the task of creating a performance basis for each topic, representing the results with the configuration of your computer. By clicking on the game description sheet, you will find out if you can work satisfactorily on your computer as shown in the picture below:

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Otherwise, you can check the game’s system requirements to find out which element is causing the problem (CPU, graphics card, memory, storage). Of course, it takes time to create such a site, especially for the latest topics, which is why the performance indicator is not available for all games. But Microsoft says its goal is to get enough information about multiple configurations, which is to deliver potential results. In addition, the publisher began testing this functionality last December by members of the Insider program. Lastly, this will prevent you from getting frustrated with getting a game that costs more resources or visiting a third party site. Can you run.

Easy navigation and searches

Microsoft has modified the interface of its application to compile all the navigation components in the vertical bar located on the left.

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June Xbox App Update
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The menu allows you to quickly find out which games are installed and which games are in the process of being installed. Additionally, a notification will appear when the installation of a topic is complete. The search function returns the most accurate results and now includes the titles of EA Play and Ubisoft Connect. Finally, there are new types of games for multiple players, dot and click captions, and games that use the scrolling method. To make your choice easier, these new types have been added to the existing collection.