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Pokemon VSTAR trademark cover

The mysterious Pokemon ‘VSDAR’ trademark was filed by Nintendo

A mysterious Pokemon The “VSDR” trademark is filed by Nintendo, which means something new for gamers – but what that new thing is is a mystery.

The Pokemon The franchise has a beautiful 2020. Except for the recent uprising Pokemon DCG Box spaces, latest release Pokemon sword and shield Its expansion has seen both parts of the pass DLC introduction. Pokemon Cafe Mix Nintendo has arrived on the switch and mobile devices, looking for the future of the already huge ownership.

Now, Nintendo’s new trademark filing indicates that the company may be working on a new type of project, although it’s not easy to figure out what will be from the trademark filing alone.

What Pokemon VSTAR trademark?

As the Japanese Nintendo Reports, New trademark filed on November 10, 2020. Two weeks later, The Pokemon The VSTAR trademark now exists Published. The trademark was filed in Class 28, which included the following USPTO:

(Toys and sporting goods)

Games, toys and sports things; Video game machine; Gymnastics and sports essays; Decorations for Christmas trees.

Explanatory note

Class 28 mainly includes toys, play equipment, sports equipment, fun and innovative items, and some articles for Christmas trees.
This class specifically includes:

Entertainment and gaming machine, including appropriate controllers;
Innovative toys for playing jokes and parties, for example, carnival masks, paper party hats, confetti, party poppers and Christmas crackers;
Hunting and fishing prevention, for example, fishing rods, landing nets for angels, wrecks, hunting game calls;
Equipment for various sports and games.

As a general rule, many (if not most) video game trademarks fall under the 28th grade. Unfortunately, this category also includes tablet games, toys and many other possible products. Pokemon Branding.

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In the end, we can’t say for sure Pokemon VSTAR trademark will be used. Fan site Bokibeach This indicates that it may be the name of an upcoming card in Japan, but it could easily be anything else. We can’t say for sure yet, but the odds are good, we’ll find out sometime in 2021.

What do you think Pokemon What is the VSTAR trademark for? What do you believe it will be? Let us know in the comments below!