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The Harvard physicist says that Aliens visited us in 2017

The Harvard physicist says that Aliens visited us in 2017

“If I’m right, this is the greatest discovery in human history”: Avi Lope, director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, firmly believes that in October 2017 an unidentified object passed through our solar system The fruit of an extraterrestrial civilization.

The American-Israeli physicist, far from being a stranger, defends this controversial thesis in his book The first sign of intelligent extraterrestrial lifePublished in French by Lu Seal. This black hole expert is reviewing the diagnosis of Omuvamuwa A cigar-shaped object Who crossed Our solar system At full speed, three years ago.

Discovered by the Pan-StarRS 1 telescope in Hawaii, the Omuwamua – meaning “ambassador” in Hawaii – is 400 meters long and 40 meters wide. Its speed was so high that it could only come from a distant star: it was the first object to be discovered Comes from another star system.

“An Extraordinary”

After being named an asteroid, a team from the European Space Agency estimated that it was more likely. Of the ejected comet From another star system.
But the hypothesis was not satisfied by Avi Loya. Because according to him, it does not emit any trace (gas or dust) when the subject accelerates too much or approaches the sun, nor does it allow to explain its unusual shape.

With another Harvard researcher, he signed an article in the journal Letters from the Journal of Astronomy, Puts forward the theory that Omuvamuwa can only be a study An extraterrestrial civilization. Their publication was heavily criticized. Today, Avi Lope writes, “The debate continues Lack of conclusive evidence“And” even if one concludes about Omumuwa, it is clear that it was a contradiction “.

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