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The game earns revenue on digital downloads from every Xbox that Stop sells

The game earns revenue on digital downloads from every Xbox that Stop sells

GameStop Gains revenue on any digital content purchased Xbox Series S and X. Thanks to the new partnership that the retailer has formed with Microsoft.

According to some insights of a company called Domo Capital Management, GameStop’s new partnership with Microsoft is set to take advantage of any Xbox that retailer sells – even after it exits the store.

For example, if you buy an Xbox Series X from GameStop and then continue to download a digital copy of CyberPunk 2077 or Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, GameStop will receive some of the revenue you earn.

Theoretically, the same goes for any movie you buy or rent on the device, or any DLC you buy – Game‌Stop cuts.

This goes without saying that the retail giant will be more encouraged to sell Xbox units than anything else.

GameStop – a company traditionally left behind by physical store fronts pushing physical products – now has a meaningful stake in digital content.

Microsoft will also acquire approximately 4000 retail units, pushing its products even more enthusiastically across the US; You can see how it benefits both companies in this situation.

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GameStop still stores and sells PlayStation and Nintendo hardware and software, but shopping dressing and emphasis is expected to be on the future of Microsoft products.

At the store site you can find installment plans for next-generation consoles.

The Xbox Series X / S ‘November 10 launch date is also here. You can read everything you need to know about this in our Xbox Series X / S Pre-Order Guide.

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