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Temptation Island 2021, First Episode: What Happened Last Night? Video

The first chapter of Temptation Island 2021 Finished: Let’s see what happened in the first episode last night June 30!

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Temptation Island 2021: Competing Couples

In the first episode of Temptation Island 2021, which aired last night, viewers got to know the competing pairs well. Below is a brief summary:

Valentina and Tommaso

Couple Temptation Island 2021, Created by Valentina and Tommaso, this episode from last night caused a lot of discussion among the audience. There is an important age difference for couples: 19 years. But what shocked the audience from home was the young boyfriend’s uncontrollable jealousy.

Claudia and Ste

Created by Claudia and Stee, the pair completed the second part of the first chapter The test, The couple is expected to get married in August this year, but the fianc மனைவிe has revealed that she has serious doubts about the continuity of her relationship. The boyfriend’s reaction was so amazing that the boy did not understand that there were problems and he started some long lonely outbursts on the beach. The girlfriend, meanwhile, approaches the tester Luke.

Floriana and Federico

Floriana and Federico are a Sicilian couple who have lived together for less than two years. The young girlfriend complains that she no longer receives attention from her partner and instead decides to assign them to someone Single Village: Vincenzo. The boy has made a lot of arguments for complaints against his girlfriend, who is accused of not wearing make-up at home and being overly obsessed.

Jessica E. Alessandro

Couple Trigger Island Created by Jessica and Alessandro, in the first episode, the audience was amazed. Much of the attention has been focused Regular Valentine’s Day, hysterical Exercise And proper nutrition. Girlfriend approached Single Manual.

Natasia and Alessio

Natasia and Alessio are the protagonists of the final part of the episode, and the woman complains about a stressful verdict on her boyfriend’s behalf, seeming to have discovered some things about his past that changed him. For his part, Alessio fears that when he sees his girlfriend in the company of testers, he has done well to judge her badly.

Manuela and Stefano

Instead, what happened to Manuela and Stefano in the first episode Temptation Island 2021? The couple is coming from a very difficult time. Manuela, in fact, discovered many betrayals by her boyfriend and decided to evict him from the house for this reason. They do not live together at this time, but he spends the night at his house. The fianc மனைவிe likes demonstrations, but they do not come even if he stays in the village. For this reason he approaches the tester, dangerously Luciano.

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