The 25-year-old “Super Mario 64” video game sold for $ 1.56 million in the United States. The still-sealed cartridge from 1996 set a world record for the video game in its original packaging, according to the Heritage Auction House auction in Dallas, Texas on Sunday (local time).

“The cultural significance of this topic and its importance in the history of video games is very important,” the company wrote in a press release. This is the first 3D adventure of a popular sports character, and the model’s level is “breathtaking”.

On Friday alone there was a copy of the game “The Legend of Zelda” in its original packaging, according to the auction house, for $ 870,000 (approximately 3 733,000). Most recently, Heritage set a record in April this year since 1985 with the unopened “Super Mario Brothers” video game at $ 660,000 (approximately 556,000 euros).

Last year, the auction house auctioned games comparable to the $ 156,000 and $ 114,000 from the “Super Mario” series, and talked about record sums. The value of video games like this has skyrocketed, wrote the technology blog “The Margin”.

The Japanese company Nintendo now has the world famous video game “Super Mario Brothers”. Launched in 1985. Mustache plumber Mario, known for his tangerines and red hat, must save the kidnapped princess from the console classic platform and fight through different worlds.

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Posted by: APA / dpa