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Summary of a table

Summary of a table

Which Freebox subscribers have access to the Oqee service and on which screens: A table summary

OQee, a table to understand everything.

The Universe Freebox announced this to you last week, Freebox One, Crystal, Mini 4K and Revolution subscribers Everyone who owns a Samsung Smart TV can now access the OQEE app on their TV. Just like Freeboxes already had for Delta and Pop, this innovation allows you to watch TV for free without an extra player.

Additionally, Freebox Delta and Pop subscribers can access the OQee app on mobiles and tablets, whether on Android or iOS. The same subscribers may have OQee on the Apple TV. However, if you have a Freebox Revolution or Mini 4K subscription and have Pop Player or Apple TV on Multi TV, you will benefit from this service.

If things are not clear and you want to know what screens are owned by OQee, the table below now allows you to understand everything at a glance:

As a reminder, mobile, tablet, Samsung Smart TV and even OQee service is available In beta from Tuesday on Android TV (For Freebox Delta and Pop subscribers only), giving you access to all of the following services:

- Access to 550 live channels, including 220 (280 for Revolution and Delta subscribers via Canal TV)
- Direct control
- Start again
- Reprint
- Logs (100h include then 0.02 / h / month beyond)
- 5 simultaneous connections are possible

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