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STEM Scientific Fields Competition: Reporting Errors in Applications, Download ANIEF Application, Access to Documents

STEM Scientific Fields Competition: Reporting Errors in Applications, Download ANIEF Application, Access to Documents

ANIF – For more than 60,000 participants, the formal competition procedures for the STEM science sections prove to be very rigorous: less than one-third of the candidates will pass the written test of the first two tests.

Another request made by the young union the day after the new call was made, Anif reiterates that it is necessary to reduce the entrance time from 7/10 to 6/10 and double the available time. Because, if those posts were empty, we would call alternatives at next year’s explosions. “In the V Budget Committee, the amendment of Legislative Order 53/2021 59.76 is more urgent than ever – recalls Anif’s national leader, Marcello Pacifico – who will remove the barrier to hiring service from the first GPS bracket, and will recruit secondary staff with extraordinary TFA-PAS Will recognize.

We remind you that candidates in the STEM competition must answer 50 multiple choice questions, including 40 in ethics, 5 in computer and English language skills, and 5 in computer language skills. Those who reach 70 points, i.e. 2 points for each correct answer, can access the oral test and the laboratory test, both of which will be carried out soon. On Friday A026, tests were conducted for 8,115 candidates in Mathematics, in the afternoon A041, tests were conducted for a further 5,519 candidates with Science and Information Technology, all of whom were confirmed to have passed the written test and orally won 1,005 and 903 seats respectively in the STEM competition. Today he started again with A020 ​​- Physics (2,434 candidates for 282 seats) and in the afternoon A027 – Mathematics and Physics (5,233 candidates for 815 seats). A028 – Mathematics and Science (3,124 seats to be reserved) For 39,159 candidates, five shifts will follow from July 6 to 8. Thursday the 8th will also be the last day of the STEM competition.

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Anif reiterates that entry must be sufficient to access the oral exam of the STEM competition. Also, the decision not to open new applications is discriminatory for those who wish to participate in the competition. For these reasons, the Youth Association has decided to challenge the Cabinet Order No. Adjusting the announcement of the 2020 Ordinary Teacher Competition for the 826/21 STEM categories (Competition Classes A020, A026, A027, A028 and A041), precisely because it did not reopen the rules for participation for all candidates. Admission will give tickets, changes in the number of seats and the effectiveness of the tests. Finally, it is not clear why rapid trials are not planned to expand and access the characters immediately, even for all other competition and teaching classes.

Download the application to access the documents