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Squad-based RPG war hunters are now out on PC and Nintendo Switch.  Find out all the details here!

Squad-based RPG war hunters are now out on PC and Nintendo Switch. Find out all the details here!

Choose your legends, win fights, RPGs from Level 2 games with knives, misspellings, cut edges and blasters

Automated Engineer Phase Two Games Today reports that their team-based dream experience RPG War Hunters can now access Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Players command a group of brave saints, diving first into prisons, hooks, saplings and lies, where they heed the old guide’s call for help, and embark on an excursion with danger at every step.

As an important way to deal with a battle through a turn-based and ongoing process, Battle Hunters offers the opportunity to produce a team of 3 particularly talented players. With a list of 28 exceptional sacred characters to discover and browse, including Guide, Barbarian, Rock, or Revenge Treadnight, War Hunters make an enormous decision when deciding who to bring to war.

Unique legends bring a range of qualities and flaws to the fight, and to stand out from the vast exhibition of enemies, the player must use the right combination of saints to suit their own fighting style and guarantee victory.

“We’re keen to take the War Hunters to PC and Nintendo Switch, and expect players to make more use of our prototype RPGs. Co-founder of Don Tonkin Second Phase Games.

Like the gruesome figures of decaying and relentless stone columns, players will go upside down against fewer trolls and stumbling barbarians, so creating a group of saints with the right skills will have an impact on annihilation and victory. Fight Hunters is an attempt made in the style of more established works of art, with another way of dealing with combat, character classes and skills.

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You can download the free demo from the Battle Hunters page.