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SpaceX Starship SN10: Test ends with landing! [AGGIORNAMENTO]

SpaceX Starship SN10: Test ends with landing! [AGGIORNAMENTO]

Then Starship SN8 e Starship SN9 This evening (for versions with aerodynamic surfaces), Italian time (which lasted until late at night due to two attempts later), also touched SpaceX Starship SN10 Please try again “Jump” (Hop) a 10 km Stock. The test profile was the same as previously used Elon Musk Improves multiple parameters to complete all phases of this particular category “Plane”.

It should be noted that the first test for SN8 fails due to failure Title tank (Head tanks) Corrected by SN9 thanks to the use of helium to balance the pressure. However, in the final test, a misalignment of a machine during the final stages of landing led to the prototype’s RUD (rapid unplanned extraction). As has been repeatedly stated in the past, although the ultimate goal is to complete the landing, the issues are thought out and should not be considered a real failure. But this time it was up SpaceX Starship SN10!

SpaceX Starship SN10 and its “jump” to altitude testing

Further SpaceX Starship SN10 Three Raptor engines were forecast at low altitude, which pushed the spacecraft to (approximately) 10 km altitude, gradually closing as we approached the planned maximum altitude point. Then again there was the well-known maneuver “Belly failure” This allows you to simulate what happens in the case Starship Facing closer to the atmosphere (e.g., terrain or Mars). Just before the start, A problem One of the valves in the ground tank, which was in the open position, did not allow proper cooling of the oxygen, preventing it from loading the impulses, and then resumed at 20.35 (Italian time).

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Following that, there was the first attempt after 21.00 (Italian time) in the evening “Jump” of SN10 This ended up with an instantaneous volume when the prototype had less than a second to separate from the lifting platform. As mentioned Elon Musk In A tweet, The motivation regarding the maximum propulsion of the machines implementing the safety systems that prevent the test was very conservative limits.

Test sn10

Since there was no real reason to postpone this test, it was decided to try again after about two and a half hours by changing the previously set limits to lower conservative values. While waiting, the official video on YouTube was also set private and then re-enabled at the right time. To allow for new ventures, a second loading of impulses (liquid methane and oxygen) began at 11.30pmSpaceX Starship SN10 The rest of the time window provided by the approvals for this day. At midnight on the second test of the day in Boca Chicago, the engines cooled and entered the final stages of departure.



March 4 at 0.15am (Italian time), SpaceX Starship SN10 He lifted himself right off his podium to accomplish what had long been expected “Hop”. After two minutes and 30 seconds the two Raptor engines were still active, retaining the spacecraft’s approach, with only one active Raptor remaining in three minutes and 16 seconds.



It was about four minutes and 30 seconds “Belly failure” Descent to the ground, which is more than six minutes from the start and ends 10 km below. Thanks to more motivation than the previous two attempts (thanks to the ignition of the three raptors) landed SpaceX Starship SN10. We are still a long way from looking at the concrete model, but this is definitely a significant step!

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As soon as the official streaming is over SpaceX, Prototype Starship SN10 The landing pad exploded and fell. Above all, the progress made in relation to previous tests (SN8 and SN9) is valid, and the notion that these are more definitive prototypes is valid. “Approximate” And can be spent with some losses in monetary terms. Of course the data collected today will be necessary for further testing, and aims to improve the landing and preserve the starship intact.

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