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Sonos ROM Review: Versatile Backpack Portable Speaker

Sonos ROM Review: Versatile Backpack Portable Speaker

Rome’s approach to sound reproduction is beyond doubt for its parents. Admittedly Sonos’ first small speaker is not a monster of precision and neutrality, but it does provide a pleasing listening experience with a rich, unobtrusive sound.

Like many of the manufacturer’s loudspeakers, the ROM shows a definite preference for the first part of the spectrum, especially the bass, thus giving it a particularly round and warm sound. The response in this region of the spectrum is also interesting at first contact, with the speaker descending far below its level (up to about 80 Hz). We get a good presence in the bass, which is relatively pronounced to the impact of the bass drum, bass tom and generally larger rhythms. The small ROM quickly reaches its sound limits: when the content played in this region is most needed (this combination is already very generous in the bass, due to the large number of sources operating in this area or the kick drum kick மிக very quickly and concisely), the display becomes more compact, and more We feel a certain box effect. The listening level – which determines the magnitude of the distortion – and the surface on which the loudspeaker rests also have an influence on this phenomenon.

Fortunately, this should not be considered unavoidable, as this behavior can be controlled using the integrated balance in the Sonos application and setting the system to Level-1. We can do a beautiful extension of the bass very well, and in general the best balance of the middles, especially the natural feature of the reproduction of the voices, although sometimes the sibilance treble is heard (in “s” sounds, and mainly the syllables). You can push a little more in the listening volume, especially for external listening. The power reserve of Rome is considerable. Again, for the reasons mentioned above, it can not be used at 100%, but is enough to “add sound” to place background music in a room, office, evening or outdoors, without destroying the pleasure of listening.

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ROM offers a monophonic rendering. Even if it is not very directed, it should be towards the listening area (vertical or horizontal position) to benefit from more consistent rendering. Finally, it is satisfactory to rearrange the sound display so that we can know exactly what most of the existing sources are. However, sometimes it can seem too small depending on the songs heard and the volume heard.