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Skate 4: EA Asks Players Not to Download "Pirate" Version of Game |  Xbox One

Skate 4: EA Asks Players Not to Download “Pirate” Version of Game | Xbox One

Skate 4 never stops being talked about. The Electronic Arts game is highly anticipated by fans who have been clamoring for a new installment in the popular franchise for years. While we were recently treated to a new trailer, several leaks surrounding the game have also been doling out its news in recent days. They come from many people who had access to the playtest, while the “pirate” version is spreading on the Internet, pushing the studio to reveal itself on the matter.

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Don’t download pirated version of Skate 4

In his message blogThe full circle begins by thanking fans for the airing of the first official trailer showing the progress of the game. The team notes that it was a stressful moment to show off the results of Skate 3 12 years after its release. , said she was also overwhelmed by the number of entries for the next playtest.

He pointed out that he was aware that an older build of the game, starting in September 2021, ended up in the wild and warned players:

We are aware that the previous version of the game was distributed without our permission. This version is from September 2021 and has never been used for external use. While we understand your interest in playing the game, we encourage you to exercise caution when downloading files from unknown sources (and remind you of the potential consequences of violating EA’s Terms of Service).

The studio reminds us that the best way to play the game early is to sign up for different playtest phases. This page. He also mentions that more players will be invited throughout the year.

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Note that Skate 4 doesn’t have a release date yet and is still in its early stages of development. We can’t wait to get new official information on the title and discover this new, eagerly awaited chapter.