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Shadow Man: Remastered

Shadow Man Remastered: Trailer and Technical Analysis Release of the Nintendo Switch Edition – ntower

A few months late, will be released tomorrow January 17 Finally too Shadow Man Remastered For that Nintendo Click, As well as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. As We were informed, That ambushed Action-adventure Nintendo has announced the upcoming release for the eShop at the end of 2021. Publisher Night Studios now owns one Release the trailer Console versions provided:

But how well does the game really work on the Nintendo Switch? That’s what co-workers are all about Digital Foundry Some of the details included have been carefully considered and discovered Legal ratio And this Resolution:

  • The PC version uses the KEX 4 engine while the KEX 3 uses the same
  • Graphical options include the field of view slider, the ability to enable HD settings, anti-shift, ambient blocking, motion blur, anisotropic filtering and shadows, and cosmetic effects such as film crane and depth of field.
  • The selectable options are the same for all console versions, the only difference being the resolution
  • The maximum resolution of the Nintendo Switch is 1080p when stable, and 720p when portable, but always with dynamic resolution measurement
  • Clarity can be measured up to 50% through the game
  • The resolution and frame rate depend on the selected graphical options:
    • Often 1080p is achieved in standard mode with all options disabled, but the resolution is significantly lower when all is enabled
    • In standard mode with most systems disabled, the frame rate is typically 60 frames per second, but there are smaller dropouts and tips.
    • In stationary mode, at the highest settings, the frame rate decreases due to the performance of the graphics card, which in some cases can be as low as 50 frames per second.
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Digital Foundry positively indicates that the Shadow Man console version has been remastered Many control options Offers and the right stick can be used to look around, which is not possible in the original. In addition, they should Loading time Much Fast Being.

Watch the full video below with all the analysis of Digital Foundry:

Night Studios announced that they already have Development of the Nintendo Switch Edition Work. For the future Update So Shadow Man Remastered needs to be further improved in terms of quality and aspect ratio.

What are your thoughts on the performance of the Nintendo Switch version and will you buy the game for Nintendo’s console?