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Shadow Fall Su PlayStation 4 -

Shadow Fall Su PlayStation 4 –

Talks about what motivated him to buy the PlayStation Studio Nixxes, Hermann Hulst recalled how Dutch Studio had already worked with Sony in the past. In particular, it is Helped the gorilla Publish Gilson: Shadow Fall On the PlayStation 4. A detail that led many to imagine the advent of the restructured game.

Sony announced this afternoon that it had acquired the Nix, a team that specializes in PC ports. A few hours later Hermann Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, returned to the subject, citing the past details of the Nixes that most people have missed.

“Jurgen and the Nixes Gorilla helped release Gilson: Shadow Fall in time for the PS4 release. We already enjoyed working with the times.” This is a specification that, among Hulstin’s intentions, helped to clarify how the PlayStation would not buy random teams.

The news, on the other hand, had a different effect. In fact, many have linked the fact that the Knicks is a specialized boarding team that has already acted as a semi-confirmation of a visit to Gilzon. Redesigned Of the series on the PlayStation.

Slightly dangerous hypothesis, but attractive possibility: Want to turn these shooters on consoles?

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