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Rumor: The new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro was announced in September?

Rumor: The new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro was announced in September?

Digitimes I think I know Following the announcement of the new iPhones, Apple plans to announce two new MacBook Pros in September. This site, which has good information about production chains without ever trusting accurate information such as release date, marks a start at the end of the current quarter, which is similar to the end of September. He says shipments will most likely take place in October, with an announcement in early September and a limited launch later that month.

Last year, Apple hosted three virtual conferences in the fall: the Apple Watch and iPad in September, one for the iPhone and the first Apple M1 in October. In this case, Cupertino brings the press many times more than it wants to bring its announcements together at one big event.

Comment Macroemers.

If we believe the rumor Digitimes, A great special talk in September from the Steve Jobs Theater in the park in August. It will be used to deliver the iPhone 2021 range, probably the Apple Watch Series 7, New iPod Touch And the new Macs may be with their Apple M2 or M1X chips.

Digitimes Its report also points out that Apple will invest $ 200 million to improve the production of mini-LED panels to be used in this new MacBook Pro. This investment should be used to increase production capacity by purchasing machinery and creating four new assembly lines. According to the site, 700,000 to 800,000 MacBook Mini-LEDs are expected to receive additional production each month.

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According to rumors, there will be production of mini-LED panels The main factor This explains the delay in introducing this new Max, especially during the WWDC last month. With this extra capability, Apple may be able to meet the demand. In the meantime, we look at it12.9 inch iPod Pro, Fitted with a mini-LED panel, not yet in stock and requires several weeks of waiting.