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Rice 2 is in development, and an insider - Nert 4.Life says it could even come on the PS5

Rice 2 is in development, and an insider – Nert 4.Life says it could even come on the PS5

Rice2 It may have been so In development It may be Multiplatform, That should come too PS5, Based on at least one internal report, and therefore should take the information with all possible caution.

The question arises Nick ‘Frequent Ed’ Baker, Which leads the Xbox era podcast and in some cases expects interesting information like the release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PlayStation Plus, but we can not consider this as a 100% reliable source. On the other hand, this is not the first time we have heard of a new rice in development at Crytec, so the existence of a Rice 2 cannot be ruled out by a Priory.

In terms of graphics, Rice is still a somewhat fascinating game

Apparently, an internal source had already talked about a new rice in July 2020 Leakage of documents and information It hit the team in the following months. Recently, however, information about Rice 2 has landed on the field with further confirmation from this mysterious source within Crytech.

According to Ed, this source is credible because it has previously shown “some things” that indicate a deeper knowledge of Crytech’s internal issues, which is why he considered the leak in Rice 2. One particularly interesting fact is that the second chapter will no longer be oneXbox exclusive, As the first protest.

Apparently created in a manner Independent Without deals with Crytech and with Microsoft, Rice 2 could be multiple platforms, according to the report, so it could even come on the PS5. First Rice a Action game in the personality of Tersa Set in the era of the Embox ROM, especially appreciated for its graphics quality, it was the most interesting seen at the time of the introduction of the Xbox One and PS4.

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