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RED by SFR gives you the iPhone 8 with a 15 subscription

RED by SFR gives you the iPhone 8 with a 15 subscription

With the advent of more and more data-intensive applications such as video services and now streaming games, having enough GB per month to make full use of your smartphone is commendable. A great mobile project Not only can you download and view content, you can also store data on the cloud, share photos, or use your laptop without restriction. The RED of the SFR 100 GB mobile plan lasts for a whole month and is applicable for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Finally, this package includes 13GB of data to be used in European and French overseas ports.

Take advantage of RED by SFR Good Deal with the updated iPhone 8 for free

The updated iPhone 8 comes with a 100GB mobile plan

Currently, if you want to switch to a data-rich mobile plan, SFR RED offers you an interesting limited offer, and replace a slightly older model with an older smartphone. The RED by SFR 100 GB package is usually offered for மாத 15 per month instead of யூ 20, with a refurbished iPhone 8 for 24 months warranty. The iPhone is offered in 64GB version and includes network, screen, exterior, speakers, camera (and flash), battery, buttons, connectors and microphones. In short, the new iPhone 8, which is a powerful smartphone for everyday use. Take this good deal at RED by SFR and take advantage of the updated smartphone and get 100GB per month to fully enjoy it.

Use RED with SFR good deal

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