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Reason for deleting users

Reason for deleting users

Farewell to WhatsApp for different accounts. So let’s find out the reason for removing many users from the messaging app.

Reason for different interruptions of use (via screenshot)

During this period Share Permanently blocks multiple accounts. The news is circulating on the web, and many are wondering why. Infections have been in circulation for these two years within use Fake news, scams or phishing attempts. Here are three reasons why usage can block multiple accounts. But another move worries Menlo Park’s developers.

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In fact, fake versions of the instant messaging app were released last month. Downloads are on the rise, especially in the App Store and Play Store: WhatsApp Plus EGB WhatsApp. If downloaded, the Facebook Group app will block your profile.

With an official message on its website, WApp announces: “If you received an application message claiming to be your account ‘Temporarily banned‘That means you are using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app“Leaders ended by mentioning:”Do not switch to official use after a temporary ban, Your account may be permanently blocked From the WhatsApp app“.

WhatsApp, a new feature will appear: news for pictures and videos

WhatsApp trick
New messaging utility tool (via screenshot)

We’ve seen that in recent months Share Update the app regularly with the advent of enhanced functionality. In fact, we have seen the advent of dual speed audio, but it is not ready to improve usability. In fact, the application will activate i soon Multimedia content that can only be viewed once. This feature is expected to arrive soon in the beta version of the messaging app.

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We will send you photos or videos shortly, and you can select the function thanks to the new button inserted Right side of the box to send messages. The content in question will be deleted automatically once the recipient opens it. Also, if the recipient’s function is disabled Blue check, The sender still knows Content displayed Or less. Additionally, this functionality can be used in group chats, and the administrator can decide whether or not to enable it.