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Pre-installed apps dominate: Does it abuse the power of Apple and Google?  (Photo)

Pre-installed apps dominate: Does it abuse the power of Apple and Google? (Photo)

Vincenzo Ronca

Apple e Google Developers of two major operating systems for mobile devices, iOS e Android Both Dominate Worldwide. We can find many types of these software sites Processor, Many of them developed by Apple and Google.

ComScore has done one Interesting study Apple and Google have developed a wide range of pre-installed apps, iOS and Android. It is important to make an immediate introduction to this study: it is comscore and Funded by Facebook, Which in recent months He is not completely hidden She Important positions About their dominance in the big software companies, especially towards Apple, in their respective software platforms.

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The ComScore study highlighted many interesting aspects and the key is very easy to understand: The Pre-installation of the application On iOS and Android, especially those developed by Apple and Google, Dominates among users. The diagram below shows what Apple and Google’s apps look like First places By the number of monthly users on iOS and Android. To have another perspective: The 75% Made by Apple in the top 20 iOS apps in the US, developed by Google 60% Among the best apps on Android.

Shows how the rankings are Some third party applications Developed by those with the most users on iOS and Android Facebook e Amazon. The map also shows some interest: Apple’s calculator app, for example, has more active monthly users than Gmail on Android.

Apple was quick to comment ComScore Study: Funding Facebook is the first and foremost Disagreement, But Cupertino was also criticized Data collection methods. These will be applied To force The appearance of no competition in the App Store. However, according to Apple, there are many third-party applications that can compete with a wide variety of applications.

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Apple suggested how Previous comscore ranking, Released last April, showed different results. However, this previous ranking does not take into account the use of previously provided applications. In general, there are others Vague features In a study provided by ComScore, The Verge noted: The study did not contain data on usage Browser On the web, Android, data was considered Not evenly divided According to the smartphone manufacturer.

Google does not wish to comment Facebook funded ComScore’s study. Let us know what you think through the comments box below.

Source: On the edge