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Phil congratulates Spencer, but gets the studio name wrong

Phil congratulates Spencer, but gets the studio name wrong

As it is now well accustomed to us, Bill Spencer is once again showing great athletic ability towards Sony And congratulations to today’s Japanese company Housemark acquisition, The development studio that gave birth to the famous science fiction-like Return exclusively available on PS5.

The Xbox leader wanted to share his congratulatory message via his Twitter account, but What caught the attention of users was an interesting misspelling. Spencer actually mistakenly called the new Sony software home “hovermark”, only to publish and recognize the second message, with a healthy level of self-contradiction, the previous mistake.

Let’s try to say it better this time, I apologize first. Congratulations to you and the Housemark team, Words we can read on Twitter, edited and edited by Herman Hulst of PlayStation Studios.
Spencer’s news follows the news released by Insomniac Games, another big Sony studio, which has made a good Crossover Draw Ratchet & Clang e Returnal.

Through the acquisition, Housemark Now is the time to work More ambitious projects than revenue, Which is the first experiment in the Triple A field for the Finnish software house.

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