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PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S, located at the Italian sports factory Il Cortocircuito -

PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, located at the Italian sports factory Il Cortocircuito –

Yesterday, during the Spring Future Sports Show, it was Announced Haunted place, The first Italian sports factory game PC, PS5E Xbox Series XES. This is a space simulator with horror elements to be played fully in a single player.

Below you will find Trailer Notice, as well as the first game pictures taken from the Steam page. Before leaving you with all the information about the game, we would like to inform you that today Evan Venturi, the director of the game Ghost Space, will be the guest of Il Cortocircuito today. Meetings on’s Twitch channel are always 15.

To get more details, We read the description of the ghost space always taken from the steam side of the game:

Haunted Space – Raiders of the Sonic Matter is a single-player space simulator that mixes science fiction and horror into an adventure based on your own ship’s exploration, war, trade and upgrade, innovative game features and space creatures never seen before.
A game in which precious Sonic Matter is found in a distant, distant galaxy. A place formerly dominated by the mighty Ntorian civilization, is now gone, but still in the form of spirits, whose souls have reunited themselves as scary creatures made up of space debris and organic matter.

If your graphics card supports it, a fantastic showcase that uses ray tracing in a new way in space.
Climax dots are audio high-speed and final that are underlined by pressing or harsh music.
Death is “almost” permanent. In fact, sometimes, you may decide to face a specific task by filling your ship’s grip with explosives and detonating yourself within your target, and then you can restore your soul’s “backup” to the previously chopped space station.

10 settings for each and lots of quests, in which you can freely decide what to do and what will be your destiny as a hunter of Sonic Matter.
Thanks to the co-pilot, you can choose how much control you have over the spacecraft: in total, for complete simulation of all its parts, until simplified, for instant play, artificial intelligence goes with us at various stages of the game. Supports eye sight and audio game technologies, as long as it is fully accessible to the disabled and visually impaired.