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Pay by mobile phone - these are the possibilities in 2021

Pay by mobile phone – these are the possibilities in 2021

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Forgot your wallet? How to pay with your mobile phone

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Especially due to the epidemic, the desire for digital payment methods has increased tremendously. We will show you how to pay for your mobile phone easily.

The Pay with your mobile phone Now possible on almost all devices. But how does it work, and what should you consider? Here you can see everything at a glance.

Does my mobile phone meet technical requirements?

Paying with a mobile phone requires a technology called NFC. NFC is close to the field of communication and means that the device must be a few centimeters away from the reader in order to pay. This technology is included in most new debit and credit cards and may be recognized by the common WLAN logo, but depending on the application it often works without an internet connection.

Almost all new devices have functionality. For Android devices, you can verify this by searching for “NFC” in Settings. With Apple smartphones, an NFC chip from the iPhone 6 is included in every model.

Where can I pay with my mobile phone?

Payment by mobile phone is now widespread. Most card payment stores accept payment via mobile device.

Options for non-contact payment via smartphone will vary depending on the provider. This is because different service providers do not accept every type of credit or debit card. The lists of the respective banks are very long, so here we give a brief overview.


Apple lists a total of 62 banks operating on Apple Bay. These include Deutsche Bank, Commercebank, Sparta-Bank, Landsbank Berlin and Sparkos. Clarna is also on the list. All you have to do is open the wallet app on your iPhone and add your credit card.


It is very easy to use with Google Pay. To do this, you need to download the Google Pay app and add your card here. You can also save your PayPal or Clarna account. Sparkos, Commerce Bank, ING Bank or Consorbank are some of the well known banks here. Google Bay operates with a total of 36 banks in Germany for in-app payment.

Plenty of providers to pay by mobile phone

In Germany, Samsung, Sparkos, Telecom and Vodafone have their own tariff applications, and even Edeka and Neto have now risen to this bandwidth. The selection is huge and is likely to grow further in the future. One of the most popular apps is the boon because it offers an initial credit of € 5 to test the app.

How safe is it?

The security of your data certainly depends on the usage in question when making payments with your smartphone. In the worst case scenario your purchasing behavior will be analyzed by your payment service provider and sent to a third party to customize the ad shown to you. You will always be notified when downloading the app, so it is a good idea to read the Data Security Terms and Conditions of Use carefully.

Google and Apple’s data protection guidelines are often criticized and explored.

Sources: Editorial Network Germany, Consumer Advisory Center

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