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Only 1-2 people work in franchise, all Respon Apex Legends - Nerd 4. Life

Only 1-2 people work in franchise, all Respon Apex Legends – Nerd 4. Life

Speaking about the issues that have recently hit Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends’ online components, Jason Corsa, Social Coordinator at Response Entertainment, explained 1-2 people Ownership studio work Titanfall, Everyone else is working Apex Legends.

Nowadays, the servers of Apex and Titanfall have been targeted by some Hacker Anyone who wanted to resist the terms of the PC version of Titanfall, despite the many years since its release, is still fraught with problems.

Problems with Apex Legends servers are never resolved, while those on Titanfall servers are still there. The reason for this Inequality It’s easy to say: there are only 1-2 people left to work on the game, and the rest of the response is all concentrated in the Battle Royale.

So there is no Titanfall community Abandoned, But has been handed over to the care of 2 people who crossed the rings to resolve the situation, with bad results this time.

One wonders how Spoil the game Hundreds of fans of this game to save Titanfall may feel with the awareness campaign of these hackers, but the situation is constantly changing.

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