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Nintendo Switch games are down to 99 14.99 for Black Friday

Lots of popular games are also available for $ 30

Discount 30 off Nintendo Switch games

Discount 30 off Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo / Hearst Newspapers

Creating the fact that the Nintendo Switch never really went on sale, Nintendo marked prices throughout this year on first-party and third-party gaming titles. Since you can not operate the switch without games, this is technically going to give you a discounted Nintendo Switch experience.

It takes place among many retailers, including video game sales Buy the best, Gamestop and Amazon. Everyone is basically the same lineup, with slight variations on which games they offer at what price, but check out the first-rate Nintendo titlesSuper Mario Maker 2, “”Luigi’s House3, “And”The Legend of Zelda: Links Awareness“. For 39.99. Best Buy sales start on November 22nd, and Gamestop’s November 25th.

Super Mario Maker 2 – Nintendo Switch –

54.99Buy now

There’s a big twist, though: Walmart has its Nintendo inventory on sale for its own Black Friday sale next Wednesday, November 25 at 7pm EST, with first-party titles. “Super Mario Maker 2“And”The Legend of Zelda: Links Awareness“$ 9 cheaper than everyone else. Stay tuned for our exclusive article to learn more about Walmart’s upcoming switch sales.

Check out more deals on Nintendo Switch games below:

Fire Symbol: Three houses“Best bag for $ 34.99 (starting Nov. 22)

Fire Symbol: Three Homes – Nintendo Switch –

54.99Buy now

Splatoon 2“Best bag for $ 34.99 (starting Nov. 22)

Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) –

59.99Buy now

Borderlands Legendary Collection“For $ 29.99 on GameStop (starting Nov. 25)

Borderlands Legendary Collection –

49.99Buy now

Killer Hope: Rebellion Collection“99 19.99 on GameStop (starting Nov. 25)

Killer Hope: Rebellion Collection –

39.99Buy now

XCOM 2 Collection“99 19.99 on GameStop (starting Nov. 25)

XCOM 2 Collection –

49.99Buy now

BioShock: Collection“99 19.99 on GameStop (starting Nov. 25)

Bioshock: Gallery –

49.99Buy now

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