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Nintendo has filed a 2 million lawsuit against Switch hackers

Nintendo has filed a 2 million lawsuit against Switch hackers

Nintendo Switch Hawk is in the final stages of a legal battle against retailer Uberchips, which will end up paying $ 2 million.

Nintendo Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against a website that sells switch hacks and is seeking $ 2 million in damages. This is the latest in a long history of gaming giant legal battles.

Piracy is a constant problem that all gaming companies need to solve. When a new console is released, hackers can quickly find ways to steal software. Hackers sell their hacks anonymously in the hope of avoiding legal consequences. Nintendo has been fixing this for a few years and the switch is the latest target.

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A report by Gamasutra Nintendo says retailer is moving towards the end of a lawsuit filed against Uberchips, which is selling a hack that allows piracy of Nintendo Switch games. The proposed final solution would give Nintendo $ 2 million and a permanent ban on Uberchips from destroying digital files or physical devices that infringe on any of Nintendo’s copyrights. Uberchips may not sell similar products in the future. Although both parties say they have settled on the terms, the judge has not yet signed the agreement.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Currently, Nintendo is involved in eight other lawsuits against such retailers, all of which, apart from Team-Executioner, have been around since the 1990s. Uberchips is the only operator known to Nintendo from Team-Executioner, so the company was able to win with a recent lawsuit. The other eight sites are suspected to be operating from foreign sites, making it difficult for Nintendo to locate them.

While a company can understand that they want to profit from goods that cost millions of dollars to create, a point comes when a product belongs to the consumer. Nintendo is a company that has a unique lawsuit in the past that takes fan projects lightly when hacked by hackers.

However, a line must be drawn when enabling piracy. In the case of hacking consoles, the player should be allowed to make changes to the hardware and software that do not give them access to unpaid items, especially games. Now with the digital game sales, pirated games are getting easier, which means that these lawsuits are likely to continue faster. In all probability, there will be an increase similar to the cases between these Nintendo And Uberchips. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the laws are adapted and explained when it comes to console hacking.

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Source: Gamasutra

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