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Nintendo directors release their favorite game, Pokemon Millennium

Nintendo directors release their favorite game, Pokemon Millennium

After the first half of 2021, it’s time to take stock, do the math and share some new interests. We have learned in recent days Number of active employees In Nintendo, The eighty-first meeting with stakeholders led to a question and answer session.

In questions about the future of the company, this is relevant Favorite games Big from my top. It’s up to the president to answer Shundaro Furukawa, Shikeru Miyamoto, Go Shioda, Shinya Takahashi e Sadoru Shibada. The Japanese giant’s president recalled his first experience with the original Super Mario Brothers. Per Famicom (Or NES in the West). This happened while he was studying at Furukawa High School and now he says he likes products made for the company. 51 Worldwide Games.

The Senior Executive Officer Shioda wanted to quote Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit This allows him to play with his children. Instead General Manager Takahashi was attacked Yūyūki, An adventure game since 1989. The title of Femicam is not much known, but it stuck with him as the first song he personally worked on. Shigeru Miyamoto agreed to play exclusively for dedicating himself to the company. By its impact Back-man e Tetris In the 80s, today Zelda and Super Mario’s father loves to play Pokemon GO With his wife.

He ended up with Sadoru Shibada, referring to past games as well as other current games. The president of Nintendo Europe wants it Shin Onikashima For the Famicom disk system, he recently entertained himself Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir su Nintendo Switch.

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