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New coach at Armenia Peelfeld: 1. FC Union - Lots of uncertainty for the game

New coach at Armenia Peelfeld: 1. FC Union – Lots of uncertainty for the game

While many coaches like to say that they focus primarily on their own team, analyzing opponents in professional football is definitely an important part of preparing for a game. While some conclusions can be drawn from the previous duels, the last appearances of the enemy are explored in great detail to identify strengths and weaknesses and to develop an appropriate tactic.

1. For Urs Fischer and his team of coaches at the FC Union, this week’s analysis of the enemy revealed an important problem: Armenia Peelfeld dismissed longtime Berlin coach Uwe Newhaus on Monday and appointed Frank Kramer, who last served. Adult department at a club five and a half years ago. “It’s not that easy,” Fischer said before Sunday’s match at Peelfeld (6 p.m., Sky). “New coach, new ideas – we don’t know what to expect.”

In the first leg, Union West beat the promoted team from East Westphalia 5-0 at the stadium – the highest victory in the history of Copenhagen’s young Bundesliga history. Later, Peelfeld appeared to be a certain outcast. In the back, the team defended the wreckage, with former union Marcel Hartell and his teammates not getting access in midfield. The so-called offensive is away from Marvin Friedrich and Robin Noche, like young players who are skinny during the first training session for adults.

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The clear superiority of the Berliners at the first meeting of the season and being 16 points ahead of the table will lead to a sense of dangerous security – so changing the coach on the fieldfield is not psychologically bad. When asked what one could carry from the first foot on Sunday, Fischer briefly replied: “Nothing!”

Despite the defeats of Taiwo Avoni, Sheraldo Becker, Christopher Lens, Anthony Uza and Nico Keiselman, Fischer wants to unleash the strength of his team in the first place, but not act too much against the opponent. Whether the other team has a well-known coach or a new coach makes a clear difference. “We play each other twice, you watch a lot of games, you see a coach’s signature,” Fischer says.

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With Kramer, who has worked for the DFP and youth team in Salzburg in recent years, this is hard to expect, but of course the Berliners have been active with him. “We think we know how they are,” Fischer says, and expects some changes compared to the last games under Newhaus. Previously, Armenia defined themselves by holding the ball, and now the Berlin coach expects the opponent to wait and see by focusing on the quick switch game.

This season the union has mostly fought against such an approach. With the score at 1-1 against Hoffenheim a week ago, the Berliners lacked depth in many shots, which are usually created by the runs of Avonie and Becker. “We need a healthy mix in the game,” said midfielder Krisa Bremal. You can’t claim every ball on foot, but you have to send attacking players behind the opposing defensive chain. In the first half, Union Peelfield again overwhelmed Peelfeld with these balls, mostly driven by Max Cruise. But Fischer is adamant: “They will never make it easy for us again.”

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