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New changes at the end of June

New changes at the end of June

Soon the quality of television broadcasting will change, cResidents of some regions who already have to handle the first messages. Here is what happens.

Image courtesy of Pixar

The last few years have been marked by the impact of Govt, which has led to a change in many of our habits. Think of social exclusion, the use of masks and many other precautionary measures. A complex historical moment led to a massive application Technical equipment, I computer.

But not only that, it plays an important role TV, Which gives you the opportunity to know what is happening in every corner of the world easily and quickly. Precisely because this device will bring some important news by the end of the month changes. So let’s go into details and see what happens.

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Digital landscape, end of the month full of changes: New changes at the end of June

Indesa Sanpolo Panasonic TV
Photo by Andres Rodriguez of Pixar

Already The gradual transition to the new digital landscape began, With residents of certain regions who already have to play channels. In fact, it is older than September 2021 D.T.D. It will be completely replaced by new ones. The new changes will come at the end of June, and some users will need to get their decoder back to view new channels and update the changed numbers.

News of particular concern about the regions of northern Italy Max variations of Piedmont, Liguria, Valle de Asta, Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Going into details, the following changes will be announced the last weekend of June:

  • Piedmont. The LCN585 comes with the Lombardia TV585 with an update of the Max Red 7 channels, which broadcasts Lombardia TV’s programming. The channels structure of the Max Six Network has also been updated.
  • Liguria. In addition to Channel 246, Maria Vision, the broadcaster that airs on SD, we will see updates on Max Liguria TV and Max Telegopol. Modifications to the upcoming Max STV with STV Story on Channel 172. The LCN 285, on the other hand, comes with the STV Sport and the 652 broadcaster Amaliguria.
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In order to be able to watch all the channels, all the partners have to do retune Your decoder and that’s it.