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NASA: Hubble recovery is scheduled for next week

NASA: Hubble recovery is scheduled for next week

Hubble is not in top form, but NASA has finally got some good news: the rescue operation is planned.

At the end of June, the Hubble Space Telescope experienced a chaotic malfunction. Following the failure of on-board computing, the popular tool “In safe mode”, A type of artificial coma intended to protect the system.

All attempts to restart the system failed by then. The alleged culprit, the faulty memory module, was deaf to all requests from the engineers. But there is another possibility. According to Slash gear, CU / SDF unit problem is likely to occur. This is an absolutely important module because it is responsible for the transfer and formatting of data and commands. The electric current regulator may also be the source of the problem.

Very subtle function

Fortunately, the teams that designed the telescope predicted it. Each of these subsystems has a Hubble copy. The problem is, with the advent of technology in the 1970s, the transition to backup mode was a walk in the park.

These two components are actually directly connected to many of Hubble’s components. If there is a problem converting to duplicates, the risk is very real. The Hubble telescope will suffer significant damage. Considering its appointed age, this scene will signify the end of an adventure of more than thirty years.

Next week is the moment of truth

So there is no room for error for NASA during this recovery. To put the discrepancies on its side, the company has developed a testing protocol that lasts several days to confirm the feasibility of the process. The good news is that the experiment was a success, so the engineers hope to update their approach to Hubble.

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The moment of reality is scheduled for next week. But this date is not set in stone, and NA wants to take its time. The green light will be provided only if arrangements are made by then; The process must be systematically verified. We know if Hubble can give us some great observations before a proper rest… or if we want to say goodbye to a famous instrument it will always hold a respectable place in astronomical history. Fingers crossed!