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NASA has listed 24 theologians to study aliens

NASA has listed 24 theologians to study aliens

A restless request from NASA to twenty-four priests and theologians is certainly not trivial, but it has been presented to mankind for decades.

In fact, it seems for some time that there may be new revelations in this matter soon, which is why the space agency has decided to contact religious figures to study certain aspects.

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The news was published by the Daily Mail newspaper The US space agency is said to have funded the project, which is less than theological Princeton University in New Jersey and especially within the CTI (Center for Theological Inquiry).

NASA project involving theologians and theologians

NASA since 2014 Has handed over more than a million dollars to CTI To implement this particular plan: To understand how people around the world would react if aliens were declared on other planets. Or how humanity will take the news that aliens are spreading.

He was the one who, from his Facebook profile and in an interview with the Daily Mail, made it clear what the plan was, which is no longer highly secretive. “The various religions of the earth can make a great contribution Based on an understanding of the possibility of finding aliens on other planets, ”said British Protestant pastor Andrew Davison in a post on Facebook.

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The NASA project aims to assess the potential “social impacts of astronomical biology” and, according to Davison, hope to make a fundamental contribution to understanding and explaining the existence of alien life. However, even NASA seems to have come to the conclusion that it involves the challenge of finding extraterrestrial life. A question is not only scientific, but also spiritual in a certain sense.

Questions raised instead of NASA and theologians

Over the years a group of European Catholics has developed a project entitled ALTRO (“Otros mundos, Tierra, Humanidad y Espacio Remoto – Other worlds, Earth, Humanity and Remote Space”) Questions theologians are invited to answer: What is life? What does it mean to be alive? What is the boundary between man and another planet?

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The answers are to ensure that during future space travel, especially the discoveries of extraterrestrial life forms on Mars will not cause any kind of shock to mankind. For their part, the theologians’ question is what God has in store for human beings. What would be the “intergalactic connection” between us and the aliens.

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